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It might sound crazy but I am passionate about LinkedIn. I’m the author of LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies as well as a bunch of other books on LinkedIn. I am the pioneer of LinkedIn Profile Optimization and founded the very first LinkedIn profile writing service back in 2009. My company, Vision Board Media works with executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals from all over the world. Back in 2009, it was just me; we now have over 40 writers.

I speak all over the country on the topic of LinkedIn and how it relates to personal/professional branding, job search, sales & prospecting, and thought leadership.

Over the past couple years, I’ve appeared on a number of podcasts and I absolutely enjoyed the experience. I’d love the chance to do more podcasts and welcome any opportunities.

Built in Audience

I am active on both LinkedIn and Twitter with an extensive network on each. I am always happy to market your podcast to my network. Typically I begin marketing a week out and will send out 1 or 2 tweets per day leading up to the podcast. Once the podcast is live, I’ll tweet about it several times a day for a week or two and will continue to tweet out links occassionally for the long term.

  • LinkedIn Followers: 29,842
  • Twitter Followers: 45.6K

LinkedIn Followers, Podcast Guest LinkedIn Expert Twitter Followers, Podcast Guest LinkedIn Expert

Listing of Past Podcast Interviews

I’ve done a slew of podcast interviews! I love talking about LinkedIn, a subject that I am absolutely passionate about. There is no question that can throw me– I’ve heard and answered them all. And I never hold back information. I’ve been told many times that a short interview with me provides a better overview of LinkedIn than e-courses that cost hundreds of dollars. Your listeners will benefit from my knowledge and they’ll find themselves entertained as well.

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My Technology

I utilize a Blue Microphone Snowball Microphone w/ Knox Pop Filter & Studio Headphones.
My equipment

I am highly proficient with Skype- my username is Donna.SerdulaPodcast Guest Expert uses Skype

And when needed, I have a Cisco IP phone:
Podcast Guest Expert Landline equipment

Let’s talk!

Rather than go back and forth trying to arrange a call, you can immediately schedule a time to talk with me below. If you use a calendar application, feel free to email me your scheduling link: donnaATLinkedIn-MakeoverDOTcom.